Tabetha Waite

For those who are new to my page or are unfamiliar with my writing journey, allow me to introduce myself!


I grew up in a small town in Missouri. When I was in the fourth grade, my teacher encouraged me to write, saying that she liked reading my stories. Bullied, shy, and lacking in self esteem, I got to work creating characters I could relate to. From ghost stories to mysteries, I started out putting pen to paper before transferring to a vintage Underwood typewriter. I began numerous novels but never found the time to finish them. An avid reader, I found many great books over the years, but when I found myself in a slump, my grandma mentioned that she used to enjoy Gothic novels, so I decided to give the romance field a try in high school and began checking out Harlequins. Janet Dailey's Americana series was one of my first reads.  

            I was hooked!

Later, after combining a love of history, I started to read a lot of books based on the American Civil War and romanticized pirates, but it was a book by Kathleen Drymon called "Midnight Bride" that got me interested in England. Along the lines of the classic novel, "The Scarlet Pimpernel" by Baroness Orczy, I loved the idea of an English nobleman with a secret identity, so I started looking into the Regency and Victorian time periods. Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters anyone?  

           I literally fell in love!

Time marches on. I get married and start a family, but writing was always in the back of my mind. In 2005 I finally finished my first book called, "The Pirate Legacies." I sent it off and was promptly rejected. After that dejection, I took a few years hiatus, but in 2013 I completed my second book, "The Lustful Spy," part of my 'Spinster Club' series, which I hope to return to someday after extensive edits! As you can imagine, I was rejected again, although there was more interest than before. During this time, I joined a free critique site -- www.bookcountry.com -- and while it was a very helpful page to improve on my writing, I still wasn't quite "there."

           Nevertheless, I refused to give up. Since I had wanted to be a published author since I was 9 years old, I figured why stop now?

            Three years later, with my third book complete, I got the reply I'd always dreamt of and signed my first publishing contract with Etopia Press. Thus, the first novel in my 'Ways of Love' series, "Why the Earl is After the Girl," was born, becoming published via ebook in July of 2016. It went on to become an award winner, even though I'm an eclectic writer who likes to take a few liberties with history, all in the name of fictional entertainment.

              Since then, I've become a multi-award winner, wrote several more novels and been a part of numerous anthologies after my transition to Indie. In August of 2019 I signed my second contract with Soul Mate Publishing. 

             My advice to anyone who is looking to write, is to keep your chin up! I had 30 years of writing and 63 rejections to my credit before I finally got that "one person"  to believe in my work enough to take a chance on me. It WILL happen, if you just trust in yourself!




*If you'd like to watch my LIVE introductory video from my very first book signing at Barnes & Noble in Columbia, Missouri from March 24, 2018, just click the YouTube link! 



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